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Inexpensive, natural treatment for a rotator cuff tear

Does a rotator cuff tear ever heal? Recovery vs. Healing

Rotator Cuff: Recovery vs. Healing

Does a torn rotator cuff heal itself? It doesn’t, but you CAN recover from the injury.

Will my rotator cuff ever heal?

It is possible, and quite likely, that you’ll recover from a rotator cuff injury.

I successfully recovered from a torn rotator cuff using the 7-Step Rotator Cuff Treatment System (which you’ll find by clicking here and browsing under ‘Products).  I chose this system because I wanted to avoid high medical costs, anti-inflammatory medication and cortisone shots. I also wanted do the rotator cuff treatment at home, not at a physical therapist’s facility.

But it’s important to acknowledge a difference between rotator cuff healing vs. rotator cuff recovery.

A torn rotator cuff doesn’t literally ‘heal’. The rotator cuff muscle does not regrow like a broken bone, and it cannot re-attach itself. Instead, scar tissue forms at the injury site, but it’s not as strong as the original muscle tissue.

This is why I’m inclined to talk about recovering from a rotator cuff tear rather than healing a rotator cuff tear. After your pain has subsided and your range of motion has returned, your rotator cuff tissue is not as it was before.

  • Healing implies your rotator cuff might return to the same state it was in before you tore it. It doesn’t.
  • Recovery refers to the process of strengthening and improving your shoulder muscles to the point that you can get back to a normal life. I did, and you probably can too.
  • There’s also rotator cuff repair which is a surgical procedure done under anesthetic and is often unnecessary for a partially torn rotator cuff.

What can you expect from recovery?

The degree of recovery that can be achieved is different for everyone. Depending on how severely your rotator cuff was torn; how committed you are to doing your therapy exercises; and how you maintain your rotator cuff health—you can get your shoulder back into a very comfortable state.

Compare my experience before and after I completed the 7-step program:

Before the program:

  • My range of motion was severely limited.
  • When I moved my arm I often experienced sharp, intense pain.
  • If I bumped my arm, even lightly, the pain was excruciating and took about 15 seconds to subside.
  • I could not carry out normal daily tasks like blow drying my hair, undoing my bra at the back, pulling up my jeans, pulling my t-shirt over my head, and putting on a jacket.
  • I couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position, and woke up many times each night in pain.

After the program:

  • My range of motion is over 95% back to normal.
  • Shoulder and arm pain is rare, and never severe.
  • I can once again carry out all the tasks I struggled with before. There’s a spot on my back that I can no longer easily reach with my injured arm, but I can live with that.
  • I can sleep in almost any position, and shoulder pain never wakes me anymore.

I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good recovery 🙂

Of course, the rotator cuff recovery process is different for everyone, as is the healing time.

Click here to see the rotator cuff recovery program I used – look under ‘Products’.

Click here to read about my own rotator cuff recovery process – and see before and after photos.

Legal and Health Disclaimer: The information on this website is for information purposes only. It reflects my personal experience using The 7-step Rotator Cuff Treatment System for guidance through rotator cuff exercises. It is not intended to replace the medical advice from a licensed physician or medical practitioner. Before considering ANY procedure, exercise or general advice please consult with a doctor.


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